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同舟共济 共战疫情 ——致所有在茂中国公民和外国侨民的一封信(One World, One Fight  In Solidarity We Shall Win the Battle against COVID-19 -- A Letter to Everyone in Maoming)

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同舟共济  共战疫情



















One World, One Fight

In Solidarity We Shall Win the Battle against COVID-19

-- A Letter to Everyone in Maoming

  Maoming, amunicipal city in Guangdong Province, has a long history, profound cultural heritage and abundant products. It is the "hometown of Chinese litchi", "tilapia capital of China", "charming city with Chinese characteristics" and "city of goodwill". It is the spirit of Maoming in the new era to be firm and confident, pragmatic and enterprising, indomitable, open and inclusive, upward toward the good.

  Under the strong leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Central Party, Maoming has been implementing with firm resolve the strategic decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council since the outbreak of COVID-19, and adhering to the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. Taking the safety and health of everyone in Maoming as our top priority, we have tried our best to ensure effective and orderly implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures based on science and law. People in Maoming have all worked together in this fight. Through unremitting efforts, positive trend in preventing and controlling COVID-19 has been constantly consolidated and expanded. In this process, we have received tremendous supports from consulates general in Guangzhou, NGOs and friendly people from all sectors, which have been really appreciated and remembered in mind.

  At present, we are still faced with great pressure of guarding against imported cases and domestic resurgence. For the safety and health of Chinese and foreign nationals in Maoming, it is necessary for us to work together and spare no effort in building stronger defense against COVID-19. Only by unity and cooperation can we win this battle. Therefore, we would like to remind everyone in Maoming of the following:

  1. Maoming has taken comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures, and has strictly applied undifferentiated health management service to both Chinese and foreign nationals in Maoming in accordance with laws and regulations. All foreign nationals in Maoming are treated equally.

  2. Humanistic care is provided when implementing epidemic prevention and control measures and offering health management service. We give full consideration to reasonable concerns of Chinese and foreign nationals and provide necessary guarantee and assistance to effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.

  3. All Chinese and foreign nationals in Maoming are obliged to cooperate with governments at all levels and relevant departments to implement prevention and control measures according to Chinese laws and regulations. Those who violate the laws or regulations shall be held accountable.

  4. All people in Maoming should continue to keep a mask on, cut off group activities, wash hands frequently, and pay extra attention to personal hygiene. Everyone is encouraged to use eco-friendly transport means. When using public transport, people should try to avoid conversations and keep a safe distance from others to reduce transmission risks.

  5. We firmly oppose any discriminatory practice against specific individual or group, and allow zero tolerance for discriminatory remarks and deeds.

  6. Any organization or individual shall not restrict or refuse providing hotel accommodation and renting houses to any specific group of people because of their nationality, race, and gender or skin color. Nor should they be denied free access to such public venues as local communities, shops and parks.

  7. Any organization or individual shall not restrict or turn away any specific group of people from taking buses, taxis or other public transportation because of their nationality, race, gender or skin color, and shall not refuse to provide daily services including hair cutting, shopping and catering for them.

  8. Any organization or individual shall not apply differentiated treatment or discriminatory practices to any specific group of people because of their nationality, race, and gender or skin color when they are seeking medical care in medical institutions.

  9. In this special period of time, we encourage all Chinese and foreign nationals in Maoming to obtain the latest information concerning epidemic prevention and control from authoritative sources, and to maintain a rational and objective attitude.

  10. We provide assistance for foreign nationals in Maoming who have any reasonable request concerning epidemic prevention and control. Everyone can contact Maoming Foreign Affairs Bureau via 0668-2287198/2289521 or the 24-hour multilingual service hotline 1258088.

  We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all people in Maoming, we will be able to win the battle against COVID-19! Let us join hands to build a better future!

Foreign AffairsBureau of Maoming City

April 23, 2020          



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